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SHANGHAI LUFUNG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is an industrial safety seal factory.


It was founded in 2008, has experienced more than 10 years of security product made. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification . The service of its products in logistics warehousing and logistics transportation. Including the different display, all types security seals, high security seal (bullet seal), wire seal, plastic seal type economy.

All high safety containers comply with ISO / PAS17712:2013 standards.

The company's management team strictly follows the ISO / PAS17712:2013 standards, from testing to innovation to develop high quality safety seals to meet customer needs. In addition to C-TPAT qualified safety seal manufacturers, our quality standards are even higher than the C-TPAT requirements of the ISO17712 standard.

  In the future more, we are effort for all full automation produce design to help our client save the cost of each product and keep the competitive to win the business in the world .   


   We are not only made the seals , we are also off the seals producing tooling solution , design  or producing line , whole factroy building solution.


   Welcome to visit , welcome to shanghai . Welcome to China .








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